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Love Ritual will put you into the shoes of a young woman Riilai, a professional scientist with extensive knowledge of occult rituals. In the midst of a big case, the police reach out to her family seeking their expertise on the forbidden ritual that had taken place at the crime scene. Riilai arrives in the city to find that the police have two suspects in custody, one belonging to the Necromancer League, the other from the Druid Circle, and both claiming innocence. Under extreme pressure, it is up to Riilai to use her expert opinion to determine the guilty party.

The suspects each have an advocate from their respective groups ready to defend their clients and sway Riilai to their side. Remaining neutral will be hard for Riilai however, as both advocates are as charming as they are passionate in their defense of their clients.

But, over the course of the investigation, things take a darker turn and Riilai will have to trust her heart to see her through to the end...

Key Features

Mature Narrative
50,000 words dedicated to a convincing romance storyline and investigative plot! A fantasy theme containing deep secrets, the flaws of characters, and the flaws of the world they live in!

The Gameplay
As Riilai, you will need to observe crime scenes, search for important items, decide what to do next and how to get clues on the suspects. You yourself will also fall under cross-examination and much more!

Soundtrack and Art
Enjoy the unique soundtrack composed exclusively for Love Ritual and immerse yourself into the wonderful art that makes the magical atmosphere of the world the game is set in!

Animated Characters and Backgrounds
Love Ritual features Live2D technology that brings life to our characters and backgrounds. See how the characters change emotions, expressing emotions such as happiness, anger, shock, embarrassment, and more!

Fall Into A Romance!
The two very different advocates will be fighting for your attention and to sway your opinion. It is up to you who you will side with as well as how it will end! On one side we have the attentive and kind Shanrae, an advocate of the Druid Circle and eager to succeed. On the other end, we have the rationalizing and eccentric Kalaseth, an advocate of the Necromancer League who is swift and without mercy for his opponents.

Cat City
Hidden cats and objects within the backgrounds await you! Collect all cat memes and see them in the Easter Eggs Gallery, or just simply interact with the backgrounds and see what happens! And, of course, there are Steam Achievement awards to be earned!

NO RUSSIAN LANGUAGE YET! Russian translation will be added later.
Minimal system requirements:

ОS: Windows 8/10 
Proc: Intel Core 2Duo @ 2.13GHz
Memory: 4 GB 
Video: Intel HD Graphics, NVIDIA 600 Series, AMD 7000 Series
Disc space: 1000 MB

The game is very dependant on RAM. If you have a minimum 4 GB RAM, please
close all other applications before playing. Make sure 
"Love Ritual" is the only program running on your PC (apart from Windows services).
If you have less than 4GB RAM there are high chances the game will randomly freeze. You have been warned!

Check arts, progress, gifts, and events on our social media pages:
Our marvelous sound designer: https://ailasound.itch.io/ 

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(102 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAmare, Casual, Detective, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Otome, Point & Click, Romance, Short


Buy Now$11.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $11.99 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

Love Ritual Full game MacOS.zip 657 MB
Love Ritual Full game Win64.zip 616 MB

Download demo

Love Ritual Demo Win 64 327 MB
Love Ritual Demo Win 32 243 MB
MacOS Demo

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When you mention a "convincing romance storyline" underneath the Mature Narrative section, does this mean that there will be explicit content?


Yes. You can use a censored version but still, text remains.


Hello, Hello.

We're Mimir Translations and we're looking for a game to translate into our domestic language, German. Would you be interested in our services? Check out our bio on here to learn more and find out who to contact for further information.




The engine that was used to make the game isn't supported anymore and I can't edit the game in any way. I can't fix stuff or add new languages.
So maybe let's translate the next game?

Sounds cool. Add us on discord and we can negotiate :)
You find our accounts in our itch.io bio

Where can I purchase the soundtrack for this game?


I'm having an issue where I load the game and it's just frozen, the music is playing but no movement, nothing in the dialogue box and I'm not able to click anything :( Even pressing 'esc' doesn't prompt to exit the game, just does nothing. So I have to start over every time :(

Hello please check if your PC meet minimal requirements. This game use animation and more demanding than most visual novels.

ОS: Windows 8/10 
Proc: Intel Core 2Duo @ 2.13GHz
Memory: 4 GB 
Video: Intel HD Graphics, NVIDIA 600 Series, AMD 7000 Series
Disc space: 1000 MB

If possible install the game on different computer. Please make sure the drivers are updated to the latest version and you use at leas 10 or 11 DirectX

Okay so my laptop did meet requirements, but I was able to work around the issues I was experiencing by uninstalling and reinstalling the game! I'm not sure what happened but it seemed to fix it :)

Now I'm wondering if there's anywhere I can find the music that's playing in the druid cave? I LOVE it and find it so relaxing and I'd love to play it outside of the game if possible :) <3

Glad you like it! 
Aila made us this wonderful music. You can hear and download it here https://ailasound.bandcamp.com/releases

Wow the quality of this game is awesome and the characters have a lot of depth, I love both boys so much (even though I was high-key thirsting for the inquisitor the entire game) and I love how different but likable they both are <3

Thank you a lot! I hope our next game will be even better!

Hi there! I just downloaded your game on Mac. However, when I try to open it, it just says the application can't be opened >.<.

I tried right-clicking the application for the game to show contents, and then executing it via the nwjs file, but that doesn't work either, just shows a bunch of code..... *_* I hope you can help, Xand.

(1 edit)

Good day!
Are you launching the "GAME" file from the game folder?
If so, can you please go to "System Preferences - Security&Privacy" and check if in the "Allows apps downloaded from" category "Appstore and identified developers" is selected. 

Please contact me if this does not help.

Hi! When I try to open the game, I only receive this message.





Can you tell me your version of Mac OS?

I'm using the High Sierra and everything is fine for me.


I'm using the newest version of Catalina 10.15.2, I think. ^^`

Happy new year, by the way. Wishing you and your team a great year ahead! ^O^

Thanks a lot! I'm sorry for the late reply, try to move game folder to your "Application" folder pls.

(1 edit)

the artstyle is SO CUTE! normally when people do the "arm swing up" type of animation it looks...odd and very cringey, like it just...i drives the point that these are drawings of people. but this HONESTLY MAKES IT FEEL LIKE REAL PEOPLE, NOT DRAWINGS. i mean, yes, it's CLEARLY DRAWN, but it's like the drawings HAVE BEEN BROUGHT INTO THE REAL WORLD, they have this..tangible feel, like if i so chose, I could reach out and actually touch Malseth or Shanrae, and I love that so much,

on a less glowingly positive note, it's not very...romance heavy like most otomes, but hey, the art is great, the music incredible, and besides, who doesn't like some r18 scenes, ey? ;P

(2 edits) (+1)

Hey there! Gotta say I really love the art and aesthetic of this game. The mystery and magic was really cool!

I just wanted to add some things because I really cared about this game more than I realized. I really am not the biggest fan of leaving constructive criticism because I think sometimes people are too harsh or it puts the creator down but I wanted to leave some because I genuinely love your work. In terms of graphics and user interface, I was blown away .Characters were very good looking and the story premise was great! I just somehow felt that halfway through, I was simply confused with the story. I was intrigued with the mystery but I realized with the plot wrapping up in my first playthrough that the captivating mystery had morphed into not me not ever really knowing where the plot was going anymore. I think the mystery fell a little flat in an anticlimatic way, like reveal was a bit dulled because of the plot twist. And the story never really delved too deep into how far it could go. The premise/worldbuilding was fleshed out so much for it! I just felt as if it never got too deep and the game kind of throws a lot of information at you to the point of confusion. I understood the plot twist and the gist of some things but I never truly understood what happened with the clues and things that the MC explained to the boys and stuff, and also didn't understand the 'backstory' completely, but maybe that was failure on my part. To add to it, the romance detracted a little because something important/serious would happen in the plot and just as I'm trying to understand it, there's be romance scenes that felt just kind of placed in. I guess I'm saying the timing of the romance confused me and detracted me from understanding the plot sometimes. 

I really don't want anything I say to come off as rude or harsh, it's 100% one person's opinion I just think it would really be awesome to get deeper in the plot. I really loved everything else besides that, the plot at first, art, music, and characters had me hooked. I would love to see more mystery and/or crime from you, I liked the idea of finding clues or unraveling a plot with a bunch of cute boys around lol!


Hello! Thank you for the constructive feedback! Yes, some people liked the plot and some did not understood what's going on and some disliked the plot. Our guess - we didn't had enough time to flesh out all the ideas more closely.

We will try to evade this failure in the next game.

does anyone have a walkthrough 

Hello! Yes there are on Steam and last ritual walk through here on Itch. 

Hello I just wanted to say that I love your game and its art is gorgeous and the way the characters move charm me and I keep staring at them. The mystery and + 18 content is a nice plus. Great job with this game! I hope to see more from you.

I am kinda late to the party and Aromie's let's play is already awesome but I am gonna try my luck out and say that I did a let's play of the game too ^^ I hope you check it out, thanks a lot for letting me experience this game!


Hey~ It's never too late for the the kind words and videos :3 I love your voice! 
Oh yes I'm planning to update my social media and introduce new project soon!

I am glad it's not too late ^^ Thank you for liking my voice!

Oho, I am looking forward to updates on your new project. I will keep an eye out.

I enjoyed the demo but got many crashes because of the whole RAM situation. Many people have this issue and I feel that if you guys added the option of turning animations on and off, many of us could play the game.

Sadly, We can't disable the animation. If we do this, the characters will be emotionless one pose poker face static sprites and this will add bugs and crashes because engine will search for animation files. Disabling animation - mean we will need to create the game one more time + drawing all the emotions and poses + alter all the backgrounds.
I suggest you to watch YouTube series by marvelous Aromie with the game "let's play"

I'm generally a bit suspicious when it comes to games, especially visual novels, but this game proved me wrong. I really enjoyed it and the plot was more engaging than I expected, when I thought that it was all beginning to wrap up nicely with just a few more questions the plot twist took me entirely by surprise. In hindsight there were lots of clues that hinted towards it which is a sign of good storytelling.

The realtively short timeframe is a bit of a downside but the relationships still don't feel too rushed and it's nice to see that Riilai was still a professional despite the temptations and that she didn't let herself be pushed around when others didn't share her opinion. I liked both guys, they had their unique personalities and while Shanrae was my favourite I want Seth's cat so bad, his design was amazing :D

The game is simply beautiful, the cgs were gorgeus, and while I at first was a bit sceptical of the live 2D it quickly grew on me and now I love it. Especially Riilai's expressions, like the happy and sparkly one was adorable :D

The writing was great overall and the inspections and puzzles you get to do was an interesting idea, searching for clues and puzzling things together was fun. I had no problems with the game either, I could't play the demo without it crashing but as soon as I installed the full game it played smoothly.

So in conclusion, a great game that I can see myself replaying in the future. Have a great day!

Great thank you for the kind words! Our narrator got inspired with your words and run to script a new plot twists for our next game. I thank you for that :3

(1 edit)

Hi every time after the scene where Riilai tells her theories to all parties and Riilai exits the police station, this always happens...everything is zoomed in and no text shows up. I've tried starting new games and it's just impossible. The game is simply unplayable and I can't finish a route!

Hello! We are greatly sorry but this issue happens on Win 7. We were trying to fix this for a month but it seems it's beyond our humble capabilities. You can try to skip this particular moment or refund the game and try to play on YouTube.
Sorry again. T_T

I have exactly the same problem, and I have Windows 10.

Skipping is useless. I tried, and ALL the following scenes (except the "generic" ones - ex., when Riilai meditates in her bed chamber) are like that: zoomed, unreadable and unplayable.

*sigh* Just my luck :C 

Hmm that's something new. Could you please tell us if your Windows 64 or 32? Can you please update your drivers, Java\DirectX\Graphical drivers.
Please write us if anything will help.

It's Windows 64. Java, DirectX e Graphical drivers are fully updated, but no cigar. 

Maybe I should play a brand new game from the start. However, I'm not patient enough for that.

Oh, well...

I'm sorry it's really hard to understand what cause such a bug. We still don't have a clue what it might be. Some computers just don't want to play our game well. I hope you will be able to refund the game. Please do so, don't torture yourself. There are plenty of let's play videos on YouTube  you can watch :)
For the next game we bought another engine. Stable and with great support with a big portfolio. I hope our next game will be much more stable. 

Hi, Im sorry to bother you here, but Im having some performance problems both via itch and on Steam. Dont know if Im the only one, but the text comes slow and the things you have to interact with takes several clicks to work. Sometimes the game “freezes” with only the characters moving. Any ideas for me so I can finish your otherwise great game?

(1 edit)

Hello! Seems like not enough ram memory. I suggest closing all the applications except windows/MacOS and run the game only. If you use windows 7 than I suggest run the game on another PC with win 8 or higher. Also there are might be another pc problems. May be cleaning pc or antivirus programs will help to solve the problem. 

I wish you best of luck! If anything will help please tell me, if nothing will help also please tell me, and we will try to find the solution.

Can you change the name of the protagonist?

Hello! No you can’t. Perhaps in future games I will add this feature.

Is there a Back function? Or a History/Log? Can you please provide a list of keybindings? Thanks.

Yes all the game options and functions can be found on message box right side diamonds. But if you want to use the keyboard we got this:

Space - next message

H - hide/show interface
Ctrl - skip text
Backspace - backlog
Esc - exit to desktop 

Hello! I like this game very much :)

I am using the Mac version and wonder whether you are going to release the Mac version on Steam? I would like to add it to my library there but the Steam version is Windows-only.

Hello! I'm waiting for my programmer to fix few last issues that appears sometimes and wanted to add the MacOS version along with the fixes. But he got stuck with the exams. I hope soon he will be back with the fresh fixes.

Ok, thank you! That's good news.

WOW! Girl this is just absolutely gorgeous! Congrats on an excellent game!

Thank you for the kind words! The team was working really hard to make it :3

Hi there again! Do you already know when the Steam keys will be ready? :D

Hello, the game was released on Steam if this what you asking for :)

(1 edit)

Thank you for the quick answer! 

I found the steam key now! (it was on the page where I can download the game I bought) Edit: My Library > Download Love Ritual > Claim Steam Key

Thank you for the wonderful game! (I absolutely LOVE the art) 


Thank you for the kind words :3

Deleted 3 years ago
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Hello! Thank you for being interested in the game and for contacting me.

First I want to ask you if you want to translate the demo or the full game? Let's continue on discord Xand#1063

Hi there your game is lovely I was wondering I could stream it on my channel? I'm sure my viewers would love it too :) Either way thanks for the wonderful game. 

(1 edit)


Thank you for the kind words! Please wait with stream until the Steam release and after this feel free to stream it!  You also might want to wait for English text fixes and upload a fixed version here.  I will be glad if you won’t spoil the full game in a first week of steam release :3

Sounds good, I will wait :)

Steam release is here so you can start streaming! :3


First, your game is beautiful. In all aspects. Characters, scenery, history, music ... I loved it.

To be perfect I just need to get the happy ending, which unfortunately I can not get XD

Please help me, what options should I choose in the last ritual?

(1 edit)

Thank you :3 
 I made a walkthrough for you

Trank you! :3 

hello! I dropped you a message on tumblr but figured I’d ask here, can’t seem to not die on Seth’s route and I assume I’ve probably done the last ritual wrong? I don’t know where I’m messing up?

Hello! Yes the dead end means you solved the last ritual wrong. Try to load game and choose different options. Read the text carefully.

If nothing help here is walkthrough:


Hi, I think I may have a problem with the game because whenever I come to a certain scene It's seems that nothing happen next like it's frozen.. ? I started the game 3 times and it's still the same :(.. (It's the scene when someone knock and I have to open the door.. Sorry i don't have a better explanation..) Can you please help me ? :) 

(2 edits)

Are you plaing the Demo or full game? What is your PC specs? Do you have 4GB ram?

(1 edit)

The full game on Mac OS X and 8GB ram  :) 

It might be chanse that you download the game just the moment I updated the files today. Please delete the game completely include early  downloaded files and download new version. Start a new game.

Is it happens at the start of the game? When Riilai just arriwe to the city and first time goes to hotel?

Okay, I will try right now, thank you. 

Not at the start it's just after I return to my room after speaking with Seth about the tickets theatre.

I'm able to replicate the issue. The weird thing if you load from the autosave before the second inspectiong scene this moment got broken. If you load from any other sava game it's working. 
I suggest you to load the different save game and try again.
I will search for the problem causing this.

I had the same issue. It happened for me when I messed with the light switch after the knock. I had to reload a previous save to get it to continue. I didn't touch anything in the room. 

Hey hey. I was able to fix it few days ago. I will upload updated version with the fix here 10 April with Steam release.Thank you for the report! More report - more fixes!

Hello not sure where to put this question but here goes: I want to play the demo before buying the game but I can't get it to work for my mac. When I click the mac download link it takes me to a google docs folder but neither of the downloadable files seem to be the game demo? Is there a way that I can play the demo on a mac? 

Hello! Right click on file and there will be download option. Download all the files and save them in "love ritual" folder

Or here is the .zip archive https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_icPLG1kM-HmS9IlGqDK5zIybQq6Pw40

Please don't hesitate to ask for any further support.

If anything Watch the let's play!

Hooray! Sorry I'm a bit technologically challenged sometimes! Thank you so much.


I fell in love with your game. The art is so beautiful and I really like the writing.

I just can't get the rituals right. I tried so many times, but I always get the bad end. Thats really frustrating for me. Can you please help me? :(

(1 edit)

To get to the neutral & good end you need to solve the last - night ritual right. To got to good end you need to gain enough points with the Seth \ Shanrae + solve the last night ritual.

What ending do you get? The dead end or neutral end?

I always get the dead end. I really need help to solve the last rituals right. 

(1 edit)

Okay, Please send me a message on akegino@gmail.com and I will send you walkthrough back :)

(1 edit)

Thank you so much! I sent you a email. :)


Beautiful game. The art is incredible, with beautiful, detailed backgrounds. Took me about ~6 hours to get both good endings. The stories were intriguing, and the worldbuilding was very well done. Love the universe alltogether! Very satisfied, would buy again.  <3

Thank you a lot for kind words. Our team appreciate this and we are happy you liked our game! 

(2 edits) (+1)

I will buy it when Steam version will be released. Needless to say, I'm excited.

Steam version will be out soon: when we will add Russian translation, last grammar fixes for Englisj and Spanish and we are still waiting for moderator aproval It 100% will be in March may be 25 or later Can't say for sure.

Hey!! Just bought it and finished my first playthrough and this is amazing!!!! Congrats on the game :D

Btw, is there any walkthrough available? 

Hey not yet. We are focused on bug fixing and Steam release.

Hi Xand,
At several scenes in the game, the textbox disappears and I can't see the text. Please see the attached image for an example of the bug.

Wow! This is something very unusual. Even in early beta test I didn't met such a things. Please tell me more about this issue. Is it happens everywhere or on CG only? Is it happens at the start of the scene? What your PC specs? Do you have 4GB RAM?

This occurs in multiple scenes:

  • At the scene after Seth purchases Rillai the outfits (as shown in the example image)
  • After the deduction scene when Riilai exits the police station and converses with the shopkeeper and Shanrae
  • After the previous scene, when she is at the hotel conversing with the manager and Shanrae
  • At the beginning of the scene when Riilai visits the forest with Shanrae after the inquisitor leaves (text re-appears when the CG appears)
  • The end fighting scene

My computer specs are:

  • OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000

Can you press 'H' button? Can you replicate this bug somehow?

When I press the 'H' key, the above screen just becomes this :

In relation to the replication of the bug, it continues to appear whenever I play the game.  I've already tried re-installing the game and restarting the computer, but nothing seems to fix it.

Please try to upload newest version and say if something changes.  Do you play manualy or via auto play? 

Hi, I tried changing the text speed option before starting anything, but it got stuck on low, and I can't drag it up.  Now I'm playing the game and the texts are coming out too slow. I hope you can fix this, as I'm really excited to play your game! :)

Yes, we are working on this, hope fix will be soon. 

(1 edit)

Fixed! Please download new game version.

I'm missing the bottom left CG from shanrae and seth, any hints? Also Shanrae is such a cinnnamon roll and I want to punch Seth in the face, 10/10 cats. The detective work was fun, the art and music really set the tone of the story.  Wish the game was longer, I feel like the romance was rushed. And...inquisitor romance plz LOL

It’s a neutral ending CG. Do the rituals right but fail the romance points. 

(1 edit) (+1)

Hi! Not sure if bug reports come here, but I just bought the game and in the options I am unable to click and drag anything at all? 

Ok, so I did manage to do it, but the back button doesn't work, tho. It does make the sound when you click it, but it doesn't actually go back. And in general, the mouse clicking in the menu is not precisely exact, aaaaaand, I am unable to put the game on window mode. Do you think this might be due to the resolution of my monitor, or is it a game bug? 


Hmmm, I was able to replicate it.  Sorry for this bug it appeared only now and I have no idea why because everything was fine in beta tests. Allrigh I'll fix this soon enough. For now try to close the game using Esc button and open it again. Click on window mode and don't touch sliders. The update will be soon.
Sorry again I will try to fix it as soon as possible

Fixed the options bug! Please download new game version.


Hello everyone~
Anyone has finished game yet? Got any endings?
Please write what do you think and how do you feel I really want to read your thoughts about the game. (。♥‿♥。)


I just finished one ending with Seth and one with Shanrae ! I really enjoyed them ! I got so invested in the mystery part that I almost forgot about the romance element until it happened, and even then it was a sweet and lovely break from the stress ! Shanrae's good ending CG is so beautiful to me ( although all the cgs were absolutely lovely ! ) 

Thank you for the feedbacks! I’m glad the game was entertaining :3

(1 edit)

I played through a few times and I'm only missing Shanrae's bad end. I think both the guys are great, but I like Seth a little more since he makes me laugh and his good ending felt a lot more heart-wrenching to me. Between the two he's definitely the one who's harder to get along with, but I'm glad that Riilai calls him out on his flaws and that he shows that he's willing to compromise.

Thank you for your thoughts. We indeed planned all this, to make Shanrae sweet and Seth to be more weird :D I don’t know how to describe Seth romance. I’m glad it ended up this way. 


Congrats on the release! :D
Will there be steam keys for this game? ^^


Yes! I plan to release the game on steam when I finish with Russian translation, polishing and all stuff. I notice there is option to give out steam keys here. Will read how to do this later on :3 

(1 edit)

Congrats on the release, really enjoying it so far!!! Might have to do some congratulatory fan art<3

I've run into a few minor bugs, nothing game-breaking as of yet, but i'll report them here if i see any more :)

-Cat in hotel reappears, EX: Click on cat > leave hotel lobby > go back to hotel lobby > cat is there again.

-When I tried to change the text speed, I clicked on the slider and it jumped to the lowest setting and is stuck there, so my text is very slow. (I've been double clicking through it though, lol)

Thank you for this reports! I will search through the code some more. 
The is should be zero game breaking bugs but might be some minor. Like cat. You can click it again and see the funny cat picture one more time :3

The text speed I wasn't able to replicate it yet. I will ask my programmer to look at it. Btw you can puch 'Space' instead of clicks.

Also to fix the text speed try to go to game directory in a "Love ritual" folder and find 

.vndata files delete settings.vndata to reset your settings like skip \ text speed \music etc.

(1 edit)

It did reset it, but the bug repeated itself, lol.  I did a screen recording to show you what I mean, since it seems tough to replicate :)

(I put it on dropbox, hopefully you can view it)  https://www.dropbox.com/s/n8e1inpf1lu81ap/Love%20Ritual%203_15_2019%2010_42_03%2...

EDIT: Once I set my text skipping to "seen" I can adjust the bars!

Thank you! Well fix it at some point :)

Deleted 3 years ago

Hmmm, push second time on >> fast forward to stop it or push Ctrl instead of ff. This bug have been fixed but I’ll look in to the code second time. 

Deleted 3 years ago
(2 edits)

Please tell me more about the game you playing? Is it Demo or bought full game? Did you play the game from the start to an end is it second playthrough?
The skip bug was in demo but I just tested and it works perfectly for full game :3
Thank you for the feedback! I will try to fix as soon as I can replicate it.

Deleted 3 years ago
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