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Hey hey!

I’m Xand, a digital 2D artist currently creating visual novel complete with beautiful storytelling, interesting gameplay, and plenty of romance.  Currently, I'm with help of commissioned people working on "Love ritual" game. It is my first game but I'm more than two years working as a background artist for other visual novels projects and have some idea how to create games.

This is ready-to-play demo version of the "love ritual" romantic  detective. I hope you will enjoy this short demonstration of the game and leave your feedback. Enjoy~

The full version release planned on December 2018!

For more info please visit our social media 




Write  your ideas, requests and any opinion. It all will be appreciated!

New update is out! Read Devlog to see all the changes.


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Love Ritual MacOS.7z 263 MB
Love ritual MacOS unpacked

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Approximately how many words will the full game have?


Hey hey! We were charging at 35 000 words first but right now it's increased to 50 000 words! 

Loved the demo, it was beautiful and cannot wait for the full game to come out. ^_^ 

Where is the rest of the content? It stops after you talk to the druid and necromancer in your room.

Hello! It’s a demo of the full game. The rest of the game will be released in December.


'I hope you will enjoy this short demonstration of the fame'

Might want to fix that typo ;)

But I played the demo and I liked it a lot!  I'll keep an eye out for when it gets released.


Thank's for pointing me about this haha. Missed the typo somehow.

I can't remember if this was asked but is this pay to play or free to play?

Hello! The game will be sold via Itch. Steam and Nutaku. It will be pay to play.

A DEMO??? 

I downloaded the game yesterday and I noticed I'd accidentally downloaded 64-bit when my PC is actually just 32-bit.

Tbh, I don't really understand much about this "bit" thing, but I could not play the game.

Now I'm downloading the "32-bit".

I hope the full version will come out soon.

I really can't wait.

I'm really bored...

saaaaaame :/ been waiting for countless games to release, 5 of them meant to come out this year are way past their announced release date and two have now decided to release it next year omgggg (not talking about this game though, don't worry admin lol)

Ikrrrr it's SOOO boring to wait and wait... and be disappointed just because these games are being released later... I know it's difficult to make them, though, but I can't wait to play them!

Heey I'm glad you like the game. I'm trying to make it fast as possible. If we are lucky the release might happens before December.

okay we will just... wait. XD I wish you the best of luck, though! We all can't wait to read it! 

Make sure to put some hentai.

The ero scenes already written ;)

the more time they take the more work they are doing, which means the result will be better. so the longer u wait, the better game u will get. if u think of it that way, waiting will become fun.

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Just played the demo and I loved the art, characters, and the setup of the story!! I also wanted to say that I'm really impressed with how Riilai seems like a sexually empowered woman as t isn't all that common in otome games. Most otome heroines tend to be more modest (which is perfectly fine in itself), and the sexual characters are usually villains. It's pretty refreshing to see another perspective :)

Heeey! I'm glad you like the concept. And yes, the novel features 18+ and mature story so we decided to show non standard teen relations. Main characters got some sexual experience and they won't collapse after seeing naked body.  Also the flirt and overall interactions are far from teenagers stories. Main cast age between 22-30 years old. They are experts and got a good jobs and ready for some serious relations. 
I hope this will be good to experience a bit different story and you'll enjoy it.

when will the full version finally be out?


Hello! We still polishing game design and texts and arts must be finished so I expect it will be out December this year or earlier! Just wait a tiny bit.

So I am not going to play the demo, cause that looks amazing and the wait will be too painful. But I´m ready to throw myself into it once it´s out!

Ahh I’m glad you like the looks of the game :D don’t hesitate to add it to wishlist here or on steam. I plan to release the game on December.

Hi! I tried downloading the demo for Mac and when I try to open it, I'm greeted with a wall of text and the game doesn't open.

Sorry for this issue T__T
I added new link  so now you can download unpacked game and try to play it.
The second option you can try this:

Right-click the application for the game to show contents, and then executing it via the nwjs file. Please try one of this options to.
Sorry again!

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It worked! I haven't played the entire demo yet, but so far it looks amazing! I'm loving the animations.

Sorry for having to put you through the trouble of putting a new download link just for me. :]

Omg! This was so cute! There is such a clear display of love and determination put into this project! Thank you for putting your soul into this, and I await the day the full game is released. Please keep up the hard work, my darling! I can't wait, and I support you!


Ah, your feedback just melted my hearth to the core. :3 

Thank you! We will work hard to make the Love ritual memorable, emotional and lovely.  So everyone could enjoy narrative and art. 


Now that I finally saw the demo, I can say that it looks amazing. The art is absolutely beautiful and the plot is interesting. I also appreciate the fact that the grammar and punctuation are correct--which seems a rarity these days. Can't wait for the game!


Yay! I'm glad I was able to help and you were able to play the game. I really appreciate your feedback and especially I'm glad the grammar is fine. I'm not native English speaker and your feedback tells me that my current proofreader doing just fine :3

Wow, I just started to play the demo and the art is amazing, the animation and everything, I just find everything so cool <3. And, good luck with this project ^^

Thank you! I really hope we will release this winter and perhaps we can make the game even better in terms of text!

I just have to say that I absolutely loved the demo and I'm so excited to someday play the final version. The art in the game is beautiful and I love that it's animated, it really helps make it come to life and feel more immersive. Wishing you and everyone who has helped work on the game the best of luck.

Thank you! We are working hard to make this game interesting and beautiful.

I haven't played this yet, so I'm not sure if there are further errors, but I had a little trouble opening it too **Mac OS Sierra!**, and Xand's suggestion of using iZip specifically to open the .rar did the trick! The game opened right up after I copied the entire folder inside to my computer.

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Hi, I have a mac as well and it's not working on mine. I have been able to unarchive files before with the RAR extractor lite with little issue but in this case  a folder appears after unarchiving with a "game" file, a png, and a signature but when I try to open the game file, my computer tells me it cannot be opened.

Edit: Have now tried using IZip and that also didn't work :/

Hello! I changed the file, you can try to play the game now?


oh oh omg this looks so cute!! am busy downloading the demo. is there a possible ETA for final release? because demos always feel like cliff hangers and it drives me mad lol


Hello! I'm glad you like a game. We plan to release the final build at the end of autumn - winter 2018.

Hey, I was hoping to play your demo, but it won't open on my Mac. My computer states that it just can't open it. :<

Hello! It's packed in WinRaR archive. May be its a reason you can't open the game. I'm not sure Mac can use this archive and I don't have Mac to test. You can try to download iZip for Mac to unpackage files.
If it is not the issue please write me a personal message via email akegino@gmail.com and I will try to help.

I tried using iZip and it just won't open with it. It just continuously says, "please wait, opening archive. . .", and it won't go beyond this step. When I first downloaded it, it was a .7z not a .rar. I changed it to a .rar, but now it wont extract at all. : < 

Hello I changed archive to .7z instead of .rar specially for Mac users because I read that Mac got default 7z archive you can use.
Try to download the unpacked game to your computer using this link. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1RIF_XHhOjzHYgqRlUKMKVhh-MwRREEkG This is just game files for Mac. No archives, nothing except game. I hope it will solve the issue for you.

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Ok I finally got it to work by right clicking the application for the game to show contents, and then executing it via the nwjs file. phew.

I'm very excited for the full release of this game! It looks beautiful and has an interesting concept so far! I love that you can interact with your surrounding and that it feels so much more alive with the characters constantly moving! 


Thank you! There are cats, hotspots and will be much more. Hope you will like it ^___^

Is there anyway this could be made for Mac as well? It looks beautiful


Yes! It will be packed for mac! I also will update this demo for Mac a bit later.

The game looks amazing!You've done a great job.
I've noticed that there are many very talented otome makers from Russia!

Thank you for feedback :3
Our team is not Russian. There are people from Russia but also from Italy, Cyprus, UK, Ukraine, Spain! I'd say we are European team.

That's cool!

The  Live2D art is beautiful!


Thank you! I will tell the animator that you loved his work so he can worry less and be more proud of his work :))

as he should be! ^^

I found all the three cats and your project is so pretty!

Thank you! A lot more cats awaits in full game :3

Love love love the animations, the backgrounds and just the general attention to detail. it's all so uniquely aesthetically pleasing I could rave about it all day! Definitely will be keeping tabs on this game. 

I did notice a couple of typos and some strange phrasing  but it's nothing to be too worried about. The demo was kind of short but I understand you are in the early stages of this game.

Great job <3 

Thank you for feedback! I'm glad you liked it :3
Yes its just 20 minutes of upcoming 5 hours game!

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Hi there! I just opened the demo and immediately had to come back because---wow your game is insanely beautiful!!! The use of Live2D is incredible, and the colorful art style seems to pop out of the screen! I'll leave more detailed feedback after I complete the demo, but I couldn't stop myself from gushing about just the first impression alone!

EDIT: Sweet, just finished the demo and boy are those animations incredible! I especially love how Riilai's portrait moves and changes from scene to scene. (I will say, however, that the writing is a little clunky/wordy and will probably want an editor at some point :P)

Great thanks for your review! I would gladly hire a editor and proofreader if there will be funds for that. Right now I can only afford a proofreader that can fix the errors, but editors are kinda expensive.
I fund this project from my own pocket and I'm from a country where you can live for a month with just 300$ in valet. But I will try my best to find some money and reliable editor who will be able to help with text ^__^ If you know any - let me know!
If I won't be able to find editor I still promise the text will be without grammar errors and written by native speaker. And funds from this game will be saved to pay for editor work for the next game :3

looks cool just wondering if you were planning on making it available to mac

Yes! It will be packed for mac! I also will update this demo for Mac a bit later.

Thanks for the really quick reply, can't wait to see what it's about


Love it can´t wait to see more <3


I'm glad! I hope you found all 3 cats and clicked lever to turn light on and off!