Hello everyone! This day has come and here we got FULL GAME BETA!

Now the beta tests starting.  We will have ~ one week to polish the game and few more weeks to add Spanish and Russian translations and finish the rest.

What isn't in the game yet:
1) Cats not ready yet. Some are ready and some are not.
2) There is 2 last CG missing.
3) No autosave function.
4) No titers with our names T_T

What you will find in the beta:
Nearly everything to comfortably play from the start to an end plus bugs and typos. Known issues:
When the cat is found and you push 'space' game freeze.
Some mess in the CG gallery.

MacOS build shows black screen.

Should finish everything and release on 8 March! I hope 

I'm dying but we nearly did it!

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I downloaded the updated game file here on itch but I am not able to access the full game beta. Does the updated file include the full game beta?

Hello! The beta is only for patrons and beta testers to catch all errors. I don’t think unfinished product should be here. 

But anyway, I’m glad the game get this far.